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Aiming for the Highest Standard in Health and Safety: How Fall Protection Can Actually Save Your Life

Quality Trivent Health Safety Fall Protection Training

Fall protection is very important for those workers who constantly have to perform jobs at a great height, such as roofers and construction workers working on tall buildings. The risk always exists that a worker may slip or lose their balance and fall. As a result, it’s important for workers to learn about the correct use of fall protection safety gear and receive adequate training before starting any kind of work on their respective jobs.


This is one of those cases where, unlike with office etiquette and health and safety details that most workers consider somewhat useless, the training you receive can actually save your life!


Fall protection typically involves the proper use of ladders, harnesses, safety gear for protecting your head and neck, as well as shoes and boots that offer better support and prevent you from slipping or losing your balance too easily.


All of this equipment has to be taught about so that workers  can learn to use it properly and safely in real life. Failing to attend your health and safety course or failing to learn about the key elements of using your safety gear and dealing with potential health concerns while working at a taller height on top of a building may lead to severe injuries and even death. So, in this case, fall protection and attending your health and safety course can literally save your life!  Find some of the best training available at

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