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Are Your Riggers Qualified?


Quick question for you, do you know what the total sling capacity of two ½” EIPS / IWRC wire rope slings choked at 45 degrees is good for? More importantly does the person you have rigging for you know the answer? The answer may surprise or potentially scare you. If the answer is no, then this is where you want to contact Trivent Safety Consulting and get signed up for the next qualified rigger and signal person training course. Subpart CC requires qualified rigger & signal persons while rigging and signaling construction loads. Our trainers at Trivent Safety Consulting have over 20 years of field experience when it comes to rigging and signaling cranes. We have developed a training course that can get your workers up to speed on how to properly rig materials and  flag / signal a crane properly!

signal a crane

Scott Seppers erecting steel
Bryan McClure & Scott Seppers erecting steel in 1998

Here is how you determine the answer to the original question:

½” EIPS IWRC wire rope sling in a choked configuration has a rated capacity of 3800lbs. At 45 degrees we have a listed sling multiplier of 1.41
3800 X 1.41 = 5358 combined rated lifting capacity.
Would you like to learn more? Follow our link to our next upcoming qualified rigger and signal person class!

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