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Do Temporary Construction Employees Need Extensive Safety Training?

Be Informed Safety Training Temporary Employees Necessary

When paired with low unemployment levels, high demand can cause shortage in personnel. And because of that the solution is often that of employing temporary workers. And due to this fact, safety issues may arise.

It is the hiring company’s responsibility to familiarize even its temporary workers with safety protocols, requirements and guidelines. As a matter of fact, companies should train temp employees the same way as they do with their permanent employees. This type of training should also include appropriate equipment, fall protection elements, as well as avoiding perilous interaction with mobile machineries.

The fact is temporary construction employees are often rushed into certain positions without really getting to know their co-workers and this may lead to lack of communication, which often results in safety-related problems. Safety training instruction has to become an ongoing habit.

It may often be the case that the staffing agencies are responsible for ensuring the communication between employers and temp workers, and be willing to get familiar with the hiring company’s safety conditions and compliance. All employees should have access to safety training and PPE, no matter if they are hired on a temporary or on a permanent basis.

In conclusion, both the primary and the host employers are responsible for ensuring safety conditions for temp workers.

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