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Does OSHA 30 Training Require Any Special Prerequisites?

OSHA Construction Training Safety Procedures Guidelines

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration and it is in charge with providing companies and individuals with safety training, thus preventing many unpleasant and often dangerous situations which can put people’s lives at great risk. We could speak of two different types of safety courses available during the OSHA 30 format, namely the one in construction and the other one in general industry.

The course in the construction industry can be applied to building, renovating, demolition, painting of a structure, and so on. General industry can refer to mostly any other type of fields, including food industry, hospitality industry, manufacturing, service and maintenance, etc. These courses usually also provide trainees with relevant information about how the OSHA training functions.

At any rate, there are no specific prerequisites required to be able to take the OSHA 30 training. There are two different ways in which you can take the OSHA 30 training. First, you can have an OSHA trainer come to your specific site and provide the needed training for your employees, or you can take the training online. Regardless of your exact choice, you basically get the exact same OSHA card to attest that you have successfully taken the required course.

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