Forklift Operator Training 09/05/2024 (TN)

Forklift Operator Training 09/05/2024 (TN)

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According to OSHA, Employees who operate powered industrial trucks must be trained and evaluated. Trivent offers this training using a combination of classroom multimedia training followed by hands on practical training using the employers forklift.

Per OSHA, all forklift training must consist of these three parts:

  1. Formal instruction can be given using lectures, discussions, interactive computer learning, videos, or written material.
  2. Practical, hands-on training covers demonstrations performed by the trainer and practical exercises performed by the trainee.
  3. An evaluation of the operator’s ability to handle the truck safely in the workplace must be conducted by the trainer. Specific training topics to be covered are listed in the standards. All of the topics must be covered unless the employer can show that certain topics are not needed. Employers must certify that the training and evaluation has been done. Each operator’s performance must be evaluated every three years. Usually, the person doing the evaluation would first observe the operator to determine if he or she is performing safely, and then ask questions to ensure that the operator has the knowledge or experience needed. Refresher training is required whenever one of the following occurs:
  • The operator is involved in an accident or near-miss incident;
  • The operator has been observed operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner;
  • The operator has been determined in an evaluation to need more training;
  • There are changes in the workplace that could affect safe operation (such as a different type of paving, reconfigured storage racks, or new layouts with narrower aisles or restricted visibility); or
  • The operator is assigned to a different type of truck.

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Forklift Operator Training 09/05/2024 (TN)

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