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Here Are the Top 2021 Trends to Watch in OSHA Safety

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OSHA safety is in a state of constant change. As new hazards are discovered, the OSHA publishes new documents, lists and web posts featuring what new safety issues have to be addressed in various industries and why they require attention. The trends discussed below will likely be given increasing attention throughout this year as well as in 2022.


In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic introduced many new safety and health issues that the OSHA had to address. Social distancing and wearing masks are procedures that only represent some of the bigger issues. Other concerns have to do with disinfecting the workplace, using proper disinfecting methods for various surfaces and following procedure in case an employee tests positive for the virus. All of these trends and requirements are continuing to be observed, adjusted and improved in 2021 OSHA 10 training and other programs.


Additional OSHA trends that are expected to get bigger as we progress through 2021 and beyond also include the predictive use of safety data, the adoption of a more holistic view of safety and health in the workplace and the reinforcing of organizational safety culture. Additionally, many new companies are talking about the use of smart PPE and its incorporation with advanced data collecting and AI practices for processing collected information and making decisions towards minimizing risks.



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