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How Frequent Should Crane Inspections Be for Older Crane Models?

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Although regular cranes are typically inspected by OSHA once every year, the frequency of most crane inspections performed by your own experts should be far greater than that. Aside from an initial thorough inspection that has to be done before a new crane’s first use, regular inspections are also required to make sure that the crane can be operated efficiently and safely.


For older cranes, there are a lot more problems and complications involved. First of all, some older cranes don’t comply anymore with regular safety standards, so even if they remain in prime conditions, their inspection schedule cannot be the same as that of a newer crane. Secondly, as a crane approaches the end of its lifespan, more and more problems can arise that aren’t immediately visible. As a result, there are many more risks that might have to be circumvented.


In the case of most cranes, frequent inspections are required either at a daily, weekly or monthly interval. For older cranes, naturally the frequency needs to increase, and greater attention has to be given when it comes to keeping track of defective hoist chains, faulty wires, leakage and deterioration that could be present in the pumps, extreme wear of important components and various maladjustments that can interfere with the proper operation of the machine.

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