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How Is COVID-19 Reshaping the Workplace Safety Practices and Standards in 2021?

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COVID-19 safety practices have evolved a lot since last year, when the first lockdowns started to be set in place. While today, the use of lockdowns is far more selective, depending on the area and function associated with the businesses that are being shut down versus those that aren’t, the complexity of health and site safety staffing practices for 2021 is expected to grow. This is especially true regarding the measures that businesses will be expected to set in place when it comes to dealing with the novel coronavirus.


Everyone already knows about wearing masks and practicing social distancing. What you might not know is that the OSHA is planning to add new details to recommendations and requirements regarding the use of certain disinfectant methods and products for keeping the workplace safe. As research is being conducted on these measures, it’s expected that the OSHA will get more an more specific regarding their use.


The guidelines associated with both low and high exposure tasks are also changing the  way most jobs are being performed. If you’re in a job that requires tasks associated with a higher probability of being exposed to the virus, the length of the list of requirements will just continue to grow. At this point, we’re not just talking about increased worker screening, but also educating employees about COVID-19 response plans that focus on minimizing the spreading of the disease during probable exposure and protecting those who may have likely not been exposed to the virus just yet.

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