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How Many OSHA Courses Are There?

Construction OSHA 10 Training Important

According to OSHA’s official website, there is a wide variety of courses available including OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 for those who want to get familiar with safety precautions at the workplace, or need to follow a training to get a job.

The exact type of course depends on the field you need your OSHA training for. Thus, there is a course for construction professionals, another for general industry, another one for general hygiene, respiratory protection, various machineries such as cranes or excavators, and so on.

An extremely useful and well-informed course is the one about electrical equipments and installations. Students learn how to use electrical testing equipment and how to identify and prevent potential electrical hazards.

The course on hazardous materials refers to dangerous substances such as flammable and combustible solutions, LP-gases, cryogenic liquids, etc. It includes information about the proper kind of storage, use and handling of hazardous materials.

There is also a course on scaffolding principles. It includes references to the design of the equipment, as well as how to repair and maintain it. Another very important course is that on respiratory protection. This is also related to medical assessment requirements.

The fall protection course is yet another good training for those who work in such an often dangerous field.

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