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How To Avoid OSHA Fines for Construction Job Sites

Avoid OSHA fines trivent training construction

In case an OSHA officer comes to your job site unannounced, it is important to be prepared. Some of the most common types of violations refer to fall protection, but there are other similar examples as well.

Fall protection failures can be caused by dangerous equipment, while operating or when placed above it, holes which are camouflaged in certain materials or obstructions, runways, walkways, or ramps etc.

In case there is any danger of falling debris or other heavy material, all employees should wear hard hats. To prevent objects from falling from higher levels, there should be erected a canopy, barricades, guardrail systems, etc.

Scaffold safety can be another source of fines from the part of OSHA representatives. Some of the followings are common types of scaffolding issues to be aware of. Scaffolds may be loaded beyond their capacities or have inappropriate foundations. Suspended scaffolding may have improperly secured suspended systems, and therefore keep on swaying. The suspension ropes may be frayed or kinked, whereas the platforms could be cluttered with debris or other stumbling hazards.

OSHA inspectors may require proof of employees’ safety training. At the same time, ladders should be in a good state and adequately used with legible warning labeling intact.  For some of the best in OSHA training in the construction industry look to

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