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How to Keep Temporary Workers Safe on the Job Site

Trivent Construction Site Safety Temporary Employee Safe

The biggest problem with temporary workers is that many of them don’t have the same kind of training that one of your more seasoned employees might have. As a result, they are statistically more prone to accidents, injury and making mistakes that could hurt them or their coworkers.


Keeping temporary workers safe should involve a variety of important measures:


  1. Make sure that you and your managers will inform workers about job safety measures and requirements. If possible, ask them to undergo OSHA training or provide them with OSHA materials at the workplace.
  2. Provide training for unqualified workers, and avoid hiring them for jobs that they aren’t qualified to perform. A lot of problems arise when employers and managers hire cheap labor and then fail to train them properly, while expecting them to do the same kind of work as a qualified worker that would normally get paid a lot more.
  3. Use signs, fences, turnpikes and security cards to make sure that only qualified and approved employees have access to areas that are restricted. Dangerous areas can thus be isolated from temporary workers who might not know how to navigate them and might injure themselves if they stumble upon them without knowing.  Get the help you need with

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