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How To Prepare for An OSHA Inspection

Be Prepared OSHA 10 Classes Construction Readiness

There are certain things which you can do to prepare for an OSHA inspection. First, you should designate someone to be in charge with meeting the OSHA investigators. This person should know the exact location of all your documents and policies. Moreover, there should be yet another person responsible with meeting the OSHA representatives, in case the individual who was originally appointed is not available.

Employees should have a clear idea about the potential hazards at the workplace and have completed OSHA 10 classes, and about the prevention means applied daily. There should be an official OSHA poster in your workplace, which describes the employees’ rights. Each employee needs to have completed the OSHA-required training, and this training has to be up to date also.

Documenting the training is also very important. It is essential to keep records of all the training courses that your employees take. Moreover, all the employees should be completely familiar with safety policies and their exact location. Insurance, third party audits and worker’s compensation files should be made available to the OSHA inspector.

You also have to know your rights, as well as the ones of your employees. At any rate, your employees must always have a copy of any kind of witness statement which they sign.

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