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Is Osha 30 Training Required in Regular Workplaces?

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It’s generally considered that OSHA training is required in most workplaces. Unless you’re operating entirely from home and you don’t actually have to go to an actual workplace, OSHA regulations will require you to be trained in safety and health policies and measures that are imposed by OSHA.


Now, of course, not all training methods and courses are the same, and not all jobs require the same type of work and are associated with the same types of dangers. Sometimes the danger is greater and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you have responsibility over others’ safety and sometimes you do not. All of these details are taken into account when OSHA decides which employees require specific training standards for safety.


The OSHA 30 safety training course is one of the most comprehensive training courses for safety in the world. It’s generally reserved for employees that have a lot of responsibility in industries like construction, or those working in various laboratories and accessing dangerous substances.


Regular workplaces generally don’t require OSHA 30 training, since the OSHA 10 training course is more than enough to help them manage all their most important safety issues. If you work in an office or a store, chances are the most dangerous things you’ll have to face is climbing a ladder or operating a fax machine. Of course, even in an office accidents happen, so it’s essential for every employee to know what to do in a fire, how to replace a light bulb safely (without climbing up on sliding chairs and tables) and how to handle situations where they need to evacuate the building or help someone who’s injured.

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