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Making the Right Decision on What OSHA Training Topics You Need for Your Team

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There are literally hundreds of different topics that are part of the OSHA requirements and guidelines for topics that have to be learned in certain, specific industries. Depending on which industry you work in, you might be required to provide your employees with requests to learn some of these topics. Of course, while the actual guidelines from OSHA are important, you also have to think about the practical aspect of choosing the right topics.  Each industry, including construction field has their own OSHA 30 training programs for their employees doing the work.


Some areas of industry are less dangerous than others. For instance, working in a factory that only has a small number of machines, crates of materials or shelves or products will minimize the need to learn about hazards such as those involving falling from high places, using forklifts or dealing with the dangers of using large and powerful robots and machines.


On the other hand, some areas of practice can require learning about the negative impact of high electric voltages, as well as understanding robotics, or learning about emergency preparedness and responsiveness. All of these topics are on the OSHA’s list of topics for employees, and each manager, team leader or supervisor will at some point have to read up on these topics and talk to their teams about them. Failing to comply with OSHA standards and the discovery of such a failure during an OSHA inspection can result in dire consequences.

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