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Meet the Trainer, Bryan McClure

“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer.”

Bryan McClure
Bryan McClure & Scott Seppers erecting steel in 1998
― Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

Bryan McClure has worked in the construction industry for more than twenty-six years. He is a second-generation Ironworker and owes his livelihood to his father teaching him a strong work ethic and introducing him to the trades at a young age. During his construction career, Bryan has worn many hats including; Ironworker, Foreman, Crane Operator, Superintendent, Craft Instructor and Training Manager. The majority of his experience was working for a large international steel erection company. It was this company that gave Bryan his first opportunity as an instructor in 2007. In 2009, Bryan was promoted to Senior Training Manager, a role in which he managed four Department of Labor accredited apprentice programs (Ironworker, Crane Operator, Pipefitter, and Welder) that had over 100 apprentices enrolled in them combined.

Bryans father Richard
Bryans father Richard on the steel as a young Ironworker in the late 70’s

Bryan possesses the CPLP (Certified Professional in Learning & Performance), and CHST (Construction Health and Safety Technician) certifications, considered by the industry to be the highest credentials for training and safety. During his years working as a craft instructor Bryan won several awards:
• 2010 Associated General Contractors National Education in Excellence Instructor of the Year
• 2015 ABC Craft Instructor of the Year Finalist
• 2015 Crane and Rigging Hotline Magazine Corporate Top Trainer (honorable mention)
• 2016 ABC Craft Instructor of the Year Finalist

Bryan and his wife Joanna
Bryan and his wife Joanna with his AGC instructor of the year award in 2010

When you consider all the above accomplishments and earned accolades it is easy to see how receiving training with Bryan McClure at Trivent Safety Consulting would have tremendous benefits to companies and the development of company employees within the industry. Bryan’s innovation and creativity has left an indelible mark within industry and you can see his foot print on many of the training and advertising programs that are currently being used today. We are very proud to have Bryan as part of our team!

“Bryan is a positive leader with innovative ways to train at the highest quality standards.”

―Ed Valencia, Corporate Safety Director, MEMCO LLC
Bryan coaching his high school football team
Bryan coaching his high school football team

Bryan also coaches high school football at Mountain Range High School in Thornton Colorado. He is a former high school and semi-professional football player. If you ever attend one of Bryan’s classes, he will draw many comparisons between what it takes to be part of a team, whether it be on a football field or a construction site. Bryan has lived in Colorado for 36 years. When he is not teaching or coaching, he enjoys drinking coffee with his beautiful wife Joanna, watching his son Caleb play High School football or seeing his daughter Sydney dominate on the soccer field. When you attend one of Bryan’s classes be prepared to compete; he believes that competition breeds success! We are very fortunate to have Bryan as a partner, consultant, and trainer here at Trivent Safety Consulting and are looking forward to meeting and exceeding the needs and goals of our clients in the future!

Bryan training Ironworker
Bryan training Ironworker apprentices in 2007

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