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OSHA Safety Training – Important Questions You Need to Ask

OSHA training construction

Talking to an OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) representative to learn more about your company’s requirement to conduct OSHA 10 safety training can be very important. It’s usually a good idea to learn as much as possible about the organization as well as their training standards. Here are a few questions you should definitely ask them:


  • What does OSHA really do to help workers throughout the United States have a better and safer work experience? Even though you might be able to find a watered down version of the answer to this question by reading various blogs or looking on the OSHA official website, it’s best to learn more about it from the source itself.
  • What are the OSHA standards that employers have to to abide by? There are laws and regulations associated with OSHA safety that employers need to know about.
  • What type of training does OSHA require when it comes to new employee orientation? Is annual re-training also necessary for companies to abide by that standard?
  • Are OSHA inspections generally unannounced? Who does OSHA have the ability to fine?
  • Finally, does OSHA have the ability to shut down companies that are proven to violate OSHA standards?


In general, OSHA doesn’t really have the ability to shut you down or to forcefully enter your commercial property to conduct a random inspection, if you deny them entrance. However, it’s worth considering the fact that the regulations associated with OSHA safety training are pretty strict as well as backed up by the American government.

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