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The 3 Crucial Safety Topics You’ll Need to Include in Your Employee Training

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OSHA safety training requirements and guidelines are often overlooked at many workplaces and companies that aren’t necessarily seen as dangerous. However, you’ll find that some health and safety requirements simply cannot be ignored, no matter what line of work you’re in:


  1. The most important topic to talk about with your employees is what they need to do when a crisis situation arises. These types of situations can appear due to many different types of problems, from fires to chemical spills and everything in between. Your employees need to know the proper hierarchy of response and how they are expected to behave during such a situation.
  2. Hazard communication and response is also a big one, and it doesn’t have to do simply with notifying your supervisor about a possible hazard. In some cases, you have to act quickly to prevent the problem from getting worse, if you are trained to do so, or to at least help get others out of harm’s way, if possible.
  3. Dealing with fires should also be included among these three topics, since fires can occur just about anywhere. Whether you’re working in a factory, in an office building, construction site, or in a restaurant or at a doctor’s office, there is always a chance of fire, and you and your employees need to know what to do in such an event, which type of extinguisher to use, and at what point to flee and call for help, as there might be nothing more that can be done without the intervention of the firefighter teams.

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