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The Advantages of Taking the OSHA 30 Training Course

Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA 30

You probably already know that there are two types of OSHA training courses for educating employees about work safety: OSHA 10, which is a basic, introductory course that only lasts 10 hours, and OSHA 30, which is a thorough and comprehensive, 30-hour course designed for those workers who constantly put themselves and others at risk with what they do, as well as for those who have a lot of responsibility on the job to ensure the safety of an entire team.


The OSHA 30 course is typically designed for fields managers and safety supervisors who work in the construction industry. While some regular workers might also need the OSHA 30 training course, these experts are the ones who make most of the decisions at the work site, and they are also responsible for making sure that the right employees are assigned to the correct jobs, according to their training and expertise.


Work safety strategies are also devised and tweaked by construction managers and supervisors, and temporary workers are assigned their duties by these professionals as well. So it stands to reason that they will be the ones who need the most safety training and the most comprehensive OSHA training courses to help them become informed so they’ll make the best possible decisions.

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