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The Importance of Temporary Safety Staffing for Keeping All Your Employees Safe

Important Temporary Staffing Site Safety Necessary

Whenever you move to a new location or start a new construction project, you’ll want to make sure that all the staff you assign to various positions will work like a well-oiled machine. At the same time, however, you’ll also want to avoid and minimize as much as possible any unique safety threats that might be associated with the new location.


Aside from giving your employees proper safety training and making sure they know which areas are off limits without the use of proper safety gear, you also have to consider hiring additional staff that can help with safety training and the practical application of the safety considerations that your employees will be working about.


Temporary site safety staffing is a good strategy for that. Your new temporary workers will be OSHA-trained and skilled at putting safety strategies into practice. Some of them will also have the OSHA 30 training and are experts in coordinating teams and teaching them about even the most complex yet necessary safety tasks that they will have to keep up with for as long as they remain at the construction site.


Without temporary safety staffing, you’d have to assign some of the more experienced workers to keep track of major safety concerns rather than do their usual work. That can still pose safety threats while also reducing the number of workers that will be assigned to certain tasks, and slowing down your work considerably.

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