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In case you were unaware or have let the time get away from you and you forgot, here’s your friendly reminder from your friends at Trivent Safety.  It’s time for you to conspicuously post your OSHA 300A logs for your employees to review.  These logs need to be posted from February 1st until the last day of April.  This is not a new rule and is different from the electronic recordkeeping rule which is also about to become a priority.  Every company required to maintain injury/illness logs must post this document.  OSHA 300A forms, in addition to being posted conspicuously, need to be electronically filed with OSHA by March 2nd.  This requirement is for establishments that have 250 or more employees or for companies in certain industries with 20 – 249 employees.  To review the list and see if you company is required to report, please follow this link OSHA.  If you have any questions regarding electronic recordkeeping OSHA has a good FAQ page or feel free to call us (800) 819-6092.

Some changes to the recordkeeping rule that should be noted.  Establishments with 250 or more employees no longer are required to electronically submit their 300 or 301 forms along with their 300A.  These establishments are required to maintain the hard copy throughout the year and have available upon request but again, you are not required to submit them electronically.

In years past, electronic documents needed to be filed in July.  This has changed and March 2nd is the date that you are required to have the 300A filed.  Failure to meet this deadline is considered nonreporting and could result in an OSHA citation.

Please ensure that you post a hardcopy of your 300A by February 1st and for those companies that are required to, upload the 300A electronically to OSHA.

If you have questions regarding this or any safety needs, feel free to call us.

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