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What Are the Main Safety Topics That Need to Be Discussed in 2021?

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From the development of COVID vaccines to the use of increasingly technological PPE equipment in various industries, the year 2021 seems to be presenting us with a lot of changes in health and safety that companies and their employees need to learn about. Although some of these changes are far from having reached their final form, you can expect a lot of discussions to be heard regarding how they will change and how they have to be implemented.


As it was in 2020, COVID-19 is still the biggest topic that needs the companies’ attention. The pandemic keeps dragging on, and nobody is truly happy about it; however, workplace safety and the methods associated with preventing the spread of the disease seem to be in a constant state of change.


Another important safety topic has to do with the organization of safety tasks and the hierarchy of requirements. Which standards are more important and which tasks have to come first? Changes in the hierarchy have been implemented primarily due to COVID, but also because of technological advancements and new information regarding the effectiveness (or lack thereof) associated with past safety practices.


Finally, it’s important to tackle the issue of simplifying employee response and communication in the event of a crisis or accident. This safety consultants topic is essential for finding ways to make hazard response a faster and more efficient process.

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