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What Are the Most Common Injuries at a Construction Site?

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When you work in construction, it’s common to injure yourself, even if your injury is only mild. However, personal injury can sometimes become a problem when you don’t have insurance and you’re forced to avoid working for a few weeks. So, before even starting work at the new construction site that your company assigns you to, make sure that you (and your workers, if you’re the manager) will be fully aware of the risks, and attend an OSHA safety training class and be aware of possible injuries that could be involved:


  • Getting stuck is a common issue that causes injury and can keep workers on the sidelines for some time. It can affect the muscles and cause joint pain that might not go away except in a few weeks.
  • Electrocution is also common, and it’s very dangerous. Make sure you and your colleagues know to wear the appropriate protection gear when working around live wires.
  • Falls are quite frequent, and they can be dangerous or even fatal. Be sure that you and your workmates are wearing the right fall protection equipment, and are taking all the necessary precautions to prevent falls.
  • Trench collapses and other structural problems can lead to fall and injuries that might be debilitating as well as painful. Always check the structural integrity of your equipment and of any structures you use when accessing various areas of the construction site.

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