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What Does It Mean To Be OSHA 30 Certified?

Safety Management Training OSHA 30

In case a job requires you to be OSHA 10 or 30 certified, it means that you need to have completed certain training, namely an OSHA Outreach Training Program course. This type of course can be either of 10 hours, or of 30 hours, and if you graduate any of them you get a card. So there can either be a 10-hour, or a 30-hour completion card.

Despite the fact that many companies require their employees to have an Outreach course, OSHA clearly states that completing such a course does not represent an OSHA requirement. None of these courses is considered to stand for a certification.

OSHA 30 training teaches workers how to identify and solve work-related hazards. At the same time, this type of training offers explanations regarding the responsibilities pertaining to the employer, what the workers’ rights are and how they can file for a complaint.

While OSHA 10 is designed especially for workers, OSHA 30 is addressed to supervisors and those special types of workers which also have more responsibilities.

It is the US Department of Labor that offers the Outreach completion card. The jobs which may require this kind of training include general industry, construction industry or other similar fields.


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