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What Industries Require Fall Protections Training for Employees?

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Depending on the type of business you own, you might be putting your employees at more of a risk than other companies. In some cases, such as when working in an office, employees won’t face so many risks as for example, when they work in a large factory with complex and dangerous machines. Of course, protections training is necessary in both cases, as there are always risks that have to be avoided. However, only a handful of industries will actually require full protections training for employees.


It might be of no surprise that one of these industries is construction. For a construction worker, it’s business as usual to provide quality work under stress and under major risks. You’ve probably already seen the pictures of the brave construction workers who were responsible for building the Empire States Building and other tall buildings in New York, showing them moving around at high altitudes without a harness or any other safety gear. Since then, of course, times have changed a great deal, and construction workers require OSHA fall protection training to prevent safety risks to themselves and others.


Some manufacturing industries will also require full protections training for the simple fact that those employees have to work with large and dangerous machines or highly toxic and flammable substances.

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