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What Is Temporary Safety Training and Should You Consider It?

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Regular employees generally benefit from one of the different health and safety training solutions made available by OSHA and their employers. However, in the case of temporary workers, there isn’t much support being offered to help them determine their risks when dealing with their new temporary jobs. Many end up injured or in some way affected by their work, due to the lack of proper safety training.


Temporary safety training has to do with the initiative to ensure temporary workers are provided with the right type of health and safety training for their new jobs. In many cases, it will cover issues like hazard communication, various forms of protection against strong noises, respiratory problems, electrical shocks and dangerous chemicals, as well as machine guarding.


With temporary safety training, employees can feel much safer and make better decisions on the spot having to do with preserving their health and everyone else’s. Also, for employers, adopting safety training for temporary workers can mean not only fewer risks leading to safety issues and injuries that may end up in a dispute, but also fewer issues with OSHA and the fines that they might suffer if an inspection uncovers that they don’t have a proper way to deal with this type of issue.

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