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What Superintendents Need to Be Aware of for Crane Safety

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Cranes are among the most important pieces of equipment that construction companies have at their disposal. They can be used to build and to destroy, and their immense power is what makes them the most dangerous piece of equipment as well.


Superintendents need to be aware of the dangers that cranes present and to work around them with the help of standard measures, guidelines and rules that should be followed to the letter. Operating a crane within an unstable area, using an inappropriately chosen crane for a task that requires a different approach, and hiring people who don’t have the necessary Colorado crane school experience and expertise to handle the controls correctly are just some of the reasons why crane safety is so important.


By following OSHA guidelines, as well as the specific guidelines of the manufacturer of the crane you’re using, you will not only minimize the risk for any kind of accident or injury, but also help your employees to use the crane in a responsible as well as cost-effective way.


As superintendents keep up with crane safety regulations and guidelines, the construction site will become a much safer place despite the use of huge machines that could do a lot of damage, if they’re not handled properly.

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