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What Training Do New Managers Require Before Assembling Teams of Construction Workers?

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Prior to assembling a team of construction workers, managers need to thread carefully in terms of what responsibilities they give each worker. Everyone has to be accounted for, and it’s important to keep track of the safety training and the safety gear that each employee needs to have before being allowed to conduct their own specific tasks.


The first thing to consider is who your employees are, how many they are and what positions they will take. These details have to be considered primarily to make sure each worker knows what they’re doing and is able to cope with the volume and difficulty of the work.


Safety concerns start to arise when inexperienced workers are on the premises, as well as temporary workers who haven’t worked previously on certain positions. These employees will likely also need to go through renewed OSHA training and evaluated so you can assign them to the right position based on their specialization and skill level.


OSHA 30 training will typically be required for most of the employees that are in a position where they have to be careful of the impact their safety knowledge has on others, not just on themselves. Also, you’ll have to consider giving special training to crane operators as well as other workers that are trained to handle special equipment or machines that are overly dangerous.

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