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What’s Required For OSHA 10 Training?

Action Required OSHA 10 safety certification training

OSHA 10 training is generally required for general industry or construction industry. Being part of the OSHA Outreach Training Program, it is designed to instruct workers about potential hazards, workers’ rights, employers’ and employees’ responsibilities and the exact steps for filing an OSHA complaint.

Despite the fact that this type of program is voluntary, most often it happens for employers to require an OSHA 10 card for their employees. At the same time, this type of training is considered to be mandatory in certain states, regions, local jurisdictions, etc.

An OSHA 10 certification card is necessary for workers who make repairs, modifications or new construction projects. Especially in case you work in any other field than agriculture, construction or maritime, you are included in the general category and therefore recommended to go for a General Industry OSHA training program.

After having successfully completed 10 hour training, you are given an OSHA training completion card. This card is usually sent to you free of charge, via mail. Entry-level workers who have this type of credential are usually skillful in dealing with potentially harmful workplace hazards.

Although OSHA cards do not expire, some employers require their workers to re-take the course every five years, to stay up-to-date with latest standards and refresh their knowledge.


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