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When to Get A Crane Inspection

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In case a crane was recently installed at your workplace, you may be wondering when it needs inspection. Apparently, it is required for all active cranes to be inspected every year, for everyone’s safety and the good development of the working process.

The thing with cranes is, wear and tear issues can cause a lot of trouble, even put the safety of people and other elements at high risk. Regular inspections can help you identify any potential problems and solve them before it is too late, and anything unexpected and undesirable may happen.

Crane Manufacturers Association of America requires that a crane inspector should have at least 2,000 hours of experience before he can perform the inspection, so you need to bear this in mind while looking for an expert to check on your crane.

At the same time, a crane inspector should have professional training in other fields, such as: crane safe operation procedures, understanding how to write a report, knowledge of specific terminology in order to communicate effectively, and so on.

The functionality of a crane must be tested in the initial phase of crane inspection. All mechanisms should be checked either daily or at least every month.  Crane’s should be inspected by someone who is up-to-date with safety training from


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