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Who Needs OSHA 10 Safety Training?

Questons safety training osha 10 course

Whether you have a small business that has already been established for a while, or you’re just now thinking of establishing a new startup, it’s very important to make sure that you know exactly what type of safety training you should get for your employees. Why is that important? Mainly for two reasons:


  1. Your employees might be faced with responsibilities and tasks that could put their safety and the safety of others in danger. For that reason, they need to be prepared and know how to protect themselves.
  2. Impromptu OSHA inspections are not unheard of, and your business could face dire consequences if your employees have not received the proper training.


Although some businesses and companies (especially those working in the construction industry) might require some or many of their employees to undergo OSHA 30 training, many other businesses exist that can do just fine with OSHA 10 safety training.


OSHA 10 courses are less comprehensive and they cover less information compared to OSHA 30, but they can still be extremely useful for businesses that have electronics, slippery surfaces and other areas and equipment that could put employees at risk. OSHA 10 is important to consider for temporary employees as well, especially those that have tasks which can put their safety at risk to a greater extent than just sitting in an office.

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