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Why Are There Two Different Types of OSHA Training Courses?

OSHA Safety Training 10 30 Management

Many workplaces require OSHA safety training, as it can create a safe environment and, in many cases, it can even save lives. It is the employers’ legal duty to provide their employees with a safe place to work in. There are two basic types of OSHA training courses, namely OSHA 10 and OSHA 30, because they are meant for different professionals, or, more specifically, different levels in one’s career path.

OSHA training is a voluntary program. Nevertheless, certain companies, local jurisdictions or trade unions can make it mandatory for professionals to go through this type of training. The OSHA 10 refers to 10 hours of training, whereas the 30 version of the course refers to 30 hours of training. Moreover, OSHA safety training can refer to construction training or general industry training.

Construction industry refers to any type of construction work, including painting and redecorating, replacements or repairs. General industry refers to mostly any kind of industry which does not pertain to the construction field. So it may include areas like health, manufacturing, warehousing, retail and product distribution.

For many entry-level workers the 10 hours’ training should be enough. But for supervisors, site leads and employers which will have certain responsibilities, the 30 hours OSHA safety training is required.

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