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Why Better Crane Safety Measures Are Needed Now More Than Ever

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It used to be that there weren’t so many building companies and so many advanced technologies out there. These days you can find a lot of different types of cranes for just about any job. Also, you can find many construction companies where not even the superintendent knows a lot about crane safety, and this problem will just get bigger the more new contractors appear.


OSHA and other organizations promoting workplace safety and paying special attention to the construction industry, are few and far between. In contrast, there are numerous construction companies and builders who receive their license every year, and not all of them have the necessary knowledge, expertise and understanding to follow all the necessary safety measures. Some simply don’t care, others don’t have the knowledge, and there are also a few who actively disregard the rules because they want to cut corners.


These practices need to stop in order for workplace safety measures to actually work, especially at a construction site with several large cranes, crane inspection training is a must. Better crane safety measures are required more than ever in order to not only help minimize the risk of dangers, but also to ensure that each and every employee that works with cranes understands the crucial importance of safety and coordinates with their supervisors and coworkers to put all safety principles into practice as well.

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