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Will Your Safety Training Course Prepare Employees for Real Life Problems?

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Basic safety training courses are great for office workers who are rarely in any kind of real danger. They are typically just chosen by low risk industry workers and managers so they can avoid any issues in the case of an impromptu OSHA inspection. However, if your employees actually face certain risks, how well prepared will they be after taking those safety training courses?


Not all safety training is the same. Many courses simply present a theoretical coverage of the main points that workers have to know. However, when it comes to real life risks and threats, you might find that your employees don’t really have any kind of proper training to help them out.


Practical safety courses are required for that. If your employees work with electricity, toxic substances and/or large machines, or if they are required to work on tall buildings and roofs, they have to be given practical training so they’ll know exactly how to proceed in the event of a crisis.


So make sure you select a practical safety training course for your employees and managers, such as the OSHA 10 or OSHA 30 course, depending on their specific responsibilities and what they have to know. Even a less comprehensive OSHA-compliant course can be great, so long as it covers all the practical training issues.

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