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On-site Training

Safety training is a critical component of every workplace safety program.

While comprehensive training programs are important, equally important is refresher training that reminds employees, on a regular basis, how to be safe when on-the job. Even when your trades people have solid construction skills and a long history in their profession, you must remember that their safety training should not end after you walk them on the jobsite. Trivent provides experiential training that will exceed the standard vague job site safety pitch. To train or not to train is a reoccurring question that comes up frequently on the project. It can be very challenging to dedicate the time, money, and resources it takes to have a well-trained, safe workforce. The coordination put forth to organize a training session with onsite staff can be a daunting endeavor as well. Trivent Safety Consulting offers onsite training programs and is your partner when it comes to developing construction professionals on the jobsite. Not only do we provide our services locally here in Colorado, but we can bring our programs to anywhere you need us, from Vietnam & Malasia to California & Florida. Let us know where and when and we can make it happen!

Some of the on-site training programs we offer are:

  • Toolbox talks
  • Equipment training: Forklift, Aerial & Scissor lift, Spider crane
  • Industrial athlete program
  • Fall Protection
  • Qualified rigger & signal person
  • GHS ?Hazcom
  • Silica awareness
  • Crane operator evaluations
  • Overhead crane operator

These are but a few of the many training programs that we offer at your location. Please feel free to contact us for additional information and get your training scheduled today!

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