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Mini Crawler Operator Training Course

Course Length: 24 Hours/2 Days | Language: English

A mini crawler is a crane that is designed and constructed to address work environments with low access or restricted work areas that a regular crane is too large to operate in. They are mounted on dual track chassis with legs used as outriggers. These cranes have revolutionized many industries by providing flexible versatile cranes that are capable of lifting as much as 6.6 tons and can be placed in work areas that conventional truck mounted or carry deck cranes cannot due to their size.

In this 2-day class, attendees will participate in and learn the following:

  • Pre-assembly Inspections
  • Post assembly inspection
  • Safety devices
  • Rigging strategies
  • Working in proximity to power lines
  • Load chart interpretation
  • Ground conditions

Basic PPE is required for this class due to the hands on nature of rigging and operating the crane.

Please be sure attendees have hard hats, safety glasses, work boots, and gloves for both days.

Mini Crawler / Spider Crawler Crane Operator Training Course in Denver Colorado

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