Osha Fall Protection Training

At Trivent Safety Consulting, we provide the best training in the lower 48 states for those in the construction industry. Our course is designed to cover all aspects of occupational safety, like fall prevention, hazard communication, falling hazards, and more. Our training emphasizes eliminating fall risks, identifying fall hazards, risk assessment development, as well as accurately calculating fall distance and mitigating fall hazards and accidents on the project.

In training, you’ll learn about fall protection and the different systems of protection that should be used on a job site and where. You’ll learn about fall protection systems, including guardrails, safety net systems, and personal fall arrest systems. We’ll also discuss how to inspect fall protection equipment and how often inspections and maintenance should be conducted on equipment and systems.

Other topics covered in compliance training include fall protection, evaluating fall hazards, developing fall protection plans, excavation safety, hazards in construction, and selecting fall protection measures compatible with the kind of work being performed.

At the end of the training, construction workers and other individuals will have the training requirements they need and a certificate of completion.

Also, our safety course is designed to cover all aspects of the OSHA fall protection certificate testing. We have several different fall training courses available that address all of the Osha Fall Protection Standard’s major components.

By successfully completing our course, you will meet the requirements for OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) fall protection training course and certification.

Here is a list of all available courses we offer:

Fall Protection Awareness – 4 Hour
Fall Protection – 8 Hours
Competent Person 24 Hour Fall Protection
Fall Protection Competent Person Refresher Training
Fall Protection Rescue

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