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Aerial & Scissor Lift Operator Training Course

Course Length: 4 Hours | Language: English

Changes to North American standards (ANSI A92 in the United States and CSA B354 in Canada) are coming – ANSI A92 went into effect in June 2020, (CSA B354 was published May 2017) and these changes will create a new “normal” for mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), formerly known as aerial work platforms (AWPs), worldwide.

What Is Aerial Lift Certification?

Certified aerial lift operators have completed training that verifies they can safely use and maintain different types of lifts. These operators follow OSHA standards and the latest addition of the ANSI A-92 training requirements A92.20 (design), A92.22 (safe use), and A92.24 (training).

Can Anyone Operate an Aerial Lift?

In order to legally use an aerial lift at a worksite, an operator must hold certification. Otherwise, the operator and their employer are violating OSHA requirements.

Requirements for Training, Familiarization and Authorizing Operators

This training shall be provided to MEWP operators and their supervisors and include the inspection, maintenance, use, application, and operation of MEWPs.

Course Topics:

  • Review of the three sub-parts of ANSI A92
  • ANSI A92.20 (design)
  • ANSI A92.22 (safe use)
  • ANSI A92.24 (training)
  • Types of aerial lifts, components & terminology
  • Causes & results of aerial lift accidents
  • Role of the pre-use inspection in reducing aerial lift accidents
  • OSHA & ANSI pre-use inspection requirements
  • Aerial lift pre-use inspection procedures and techniques
  • Recognizing and understanding the differences between deficiencies & safety hazards
  • Correct way to write pre-use inspection reports to provide the proper documentation
  • Inspecting structural components, operating mechanisms, hydraulic and electrical systems, hydraulic cylinders, and safety devices
  • Items to be inspected before the aerial lift is used
  • Aerial lift setup and recognizing site hazards
  • Safe operating practices & procedures
  • Operator responsibilities
  • Working near power lines and electrical hazards

Aerial & Scissor Lift Operator Training Course in Denver, Colorado

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