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Master Rigger Course

Course Length: 16 Hours | Language: English

The Trivent Master Rigger Course is designed for participants that have had 3-5 years of on the job rigging experience. The course is customized to the client’s needs with most of the day two being delivered in a hands-on team rigging competition using the clients lifting equipment.

Master Rigger Day One will cover:

  • Sling Types
  • Sling Capacities
  • Sling Inspections
  • Hardware inspections
  • Hardware Capacities
  • Hitch Types
  • Load Control
  • Power Line Safety
  • Crane / Hoist Dynamics
  • Calculating Sling tensions
  • Load Weight Estimation
  • Hand/Verbal Signalperson testing per OSHA 1926.1428(c)(5) and ASME B30.5

Master Rigger Day Two will cover:

  • Block & Fairlead Loading Calculations
  • Coefficients of Friction Calculations
  • Load Factors & Weight Distribution Calculations
  • Practical (Hands On) Applications for:
  • Sling Tension Calculations
  • Load Weight Estimation
  • Hand & Verbal Signals

Master Rigger Training Course in Denver Colorado

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