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Health and Safety Policy & Program Development

Developing a Safety Culture is our Specialty

The safety and health of your employees and others should always be a priority. The goal of health and safety programs and policies is to work with managers and supervisors to clearly define standards, assign responsibilities, and provide a framework for compliance with legislative requirements and the development of a safe workplace. Developing a safety culture and preventing and controlling hazards and accidents is what we at Trivent Safety Consulting do best.

The company’s size and the nature of the hazards involved in its operation will influence the health and safety program’s efforts and policy development and implementation. Your health and safety consultant from Trivent Safety Consulting works with your organization’s management and employees to define your individual needs, build programs, and develop policies to address the identified needs, and aid in the successful implementation of the developed programs.

Services provided:

    • H&S Policy development
    • H&S Programs
    • Analysis of program requirements
    • Document development
    • Employee education
    • Assistance with program implementation
    • Program evaluation
    • Training to program administrators
    • Auditing

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