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Supervisor Crane Safety & Rigging Course

Course Length: 8 Hours | Language: English

This course is designed for supervisors of crane activities that manage crane and or rigging activities. The class covers a broad range of subjects to give the supervisor a high level of comfortability that they understand what a safe lift looks like.

Course Subjects:

  • Review of OSHA Subpart CC
  • Standards and Requirements
  • Crane components
  • Ground Bearing Pressure
  • Operator Certification/Qualification
  • Signalperson Qualifications
  • Basic rigging principles
  • Rigging component identification
  • Sling tension calculations
  • Load weight estimation
  • Rigging inspection
  • Sling design
  • Rigging techniques
  • Proper use of the ANSI hand signals
  • Voice (radio) signals

Supervisor Crane Safety & Rigging Class Denver Colorado

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