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Traffic Flagger Certification & Training Course

Course Length: 4 Hours | Language: English

Course Description:

The flagger’s responsibilities is to provide protection to project personnel and provide safe, polite, and authoritative directions to traffic seeking passage through the work area. Traffic flaggers must attain certification via a state-approved training course and carry a valid training card on their person at all times while engaged in flagging operations.

Certification and training requirements vary by state, but all have the same purpose: to ensure that individuals certified as flaggers have the expertise necessary to perform their job safely and correctly at all times. This course will teach students standard flagger control references, proper flagging signals procedures, and standard flagger practices. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive an ATSSA Flagger Certification the same day of the training which can be used on jobsites nationwide.

Traffic Flagger Certification Training Course in Denver, Colorado

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