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Dax Biederman Featured in Workplace Safety Expert Roundup

Recently, our very own Dax Biederman was featured in for their latest safety expert roundup article, Experts Spark Discussion On Avoiding Common Workplace Accidents.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

How can a business encourage personnel to speak up about workplace safety?
Businesses can encourage personnel to speak up about workplace safety by creating a culture of open communication and trust. This can be done by providing regular safety training and education, establishing anonymous reporting channels, and actively involving employees in safety programs and decision-making processes. Additionally, recognizing and rewarding employees for their safety contributions can help motivate them to speak up and report any safety concerns or incidents. Dax Biederman, CHST Co-Founder at Trivent Safety Consulting.

How has health and safety in the workplace changed over the years?
“Health and safety in the workplace has transformed drastically since its conception in 1833. Today’s health and safety is characterized by government agencies, all-encompassing legislation, and continuous improvement, resulting in a gradual decrease in accidents over time.
Of course, accidents still occur and this would continue to be the case even if you wrapped every single employee in cotton wool. But many businesses continue to experience accidents well above the national average and end up paying for incidents that could easily be avoided.

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