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How to Handle a Site Shutdown and Make Sure Everybody Gets Out Safe

safety training how to keep construction site safe

Whether it’s because of an emergency safety issue or just routine, a site shutdown can lead to many possible issues and risks. That is why it’s very important to have a safety training and plan that includes practical steps for each employee to take when the site is being shut down or when there is an emergency that requires them to exit the premises in an orderly and responsible fashion.


Dealing with emergencies is very important. You have to be prepared for anything and everything, so that you can inform your workers exactly what they need to do. In factories, aside from being provided with extensive paperwork to sign and theory to learn about operating equipment safely, dealing with fires and chemical spills or knowing what to do in an emergency situation, workers are also required from time to time to run impromptu drills. They have to know what to do when they are required to leave their job station quickly because of an emergency and how to help during a site shutdown situation.


The best approach is a preventive one. Make sure you and your staff are fully aware of the main risks that might be implied during a site shutdown, no matter what the reasons for it. For instance, it might be important to carry off dangerous chemicals or to turn off machines that would otherwise cause a lot of problems and lead to dangerous situations. Also, it’s important to always put safety first and make sure all unauthorized individuals leave the work site and are accounted for.

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