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Short Safety Topics That You Can Quiz Your Team on

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Most companies actively require their employees to learn lengthy lists and complex requirements associated with the health and temporary site safety staffing solutions that the OSHA puts forward. However, in many cases it’s hard to keep track of every detail, and it’s often not practical to quiz your employees on a regular basis on their entire OSHA training course.


Still, there are some topics you can tackle and in relation to which you can even create short safety quizzes for your employees to take:


  • Fire safety is always a hot topic and one that often requires quick response. As a result, it makes sense to quiz your team on fire safety from time to time, especially if your company works with many flammable items and materials.
  • The COVID-19 restrictions and health and safety measures imposed by the OSHA also have to be considered carefully. Aside from the danger of exposure to the disease, OSHA inspections also focus heavily on making sure that employees are aware of and properly trained on the latest standards and measures regarding the prevention of COVID infection.
  • Hazard response and communication should be regarded as one of the most – if not the most – essential topic that you should quiz your employees on. This topic includes the specific situations when hazard communication is important and the hierarchy of different types of situations when taking action might be necessary for the prevention or containment of a crisis.

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