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What Are the Safety Issues That Can Be Prevented Through Proper Crane Inspections?

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Cranes are large and difficult to operate. Sometimes they also malfunction, and older cranes can do that a lot more than newer ones. As a result, crane inspections are very important, regardless of whether we’re talking about the daily inspections done by the operators, or the large and thorough inspections conducted by OSHA specialists. Here are just some of the points that need to be remembered in both cases:


  • Old cranes can easily malfunction and drop large and heavy weights and construction materials during operation, Proper crane inspections can prevent such situations, and they may even save lives in some cases.
  • Sometimes it’s dangerous to even turn on an older crane or one that is malfunctioning. As a result, crane inspections need to be thorough and the individuals who are handling them have to be extra careful when going through the entire checklist of the inspection.
  • Even newer cranes need to be inspected properly. There is often a false sense of safety around these machines, and those responsible of operating them sometimes forget just how much danger they pose when they’re operating.
  • Finally, driving a crane to an unstable area or leaving it in a place that was affected by a storm or some natural calamity like an earthquake needs to be considered carefully at all times. Crane inspections from ensure this doesn’t happen and that employees have the right information about where it’s safe to leave the crane after they’re done working.

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