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What Should You Really Look for in a Site Safety Plan?

two workers site safety construction project

A site safety plan includes all the rules and protocols that are necessary to make sure your employees stay safe. Following are a few of the most pressing matters that will need your attention before you consider setting up such a plan:


  • One of the first things to make sure of is that you don’t hire unqualified workers to do dangerous or difficult work that would normally require the presence of an expert or a seasoned worker.
  • Make sure that all your employees receive OSHA safety training with certified construction safety courses, even those that work in the office and are not normally required to walk through dangerous areas. At a construction site, for example, you never really know where some of your employees could end up, so having proper knowledge of safety protocols can keep them and their peers safe.
  • A detailed and effective site safety plan should also have protocols in place that, even though are uncommon for most workplaces, are highly relevant for the job site that your employees have to navigate on a daily basis. So, for example, if you own a lab that deals with high temperatures or dangerous chemicals, proper signage and restrictions need to be in place in order to prevent unauthorized and untrained individuals from accessing those areas.

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